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Brass and Copper Diver's Helmet - Mark V US Navy

Brass and Copper Diver's Helmet - Mark V US Navy Image
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This Diver's Helmet is beautifully detailed, the famous U.S. Navy Mark V Helmet designed by George Stillson in 1915. The Mark V was unique in its time for the hinged, rather than screw-in face plate. The Mark V Diving Helmet became the standard U.S. Navy Diving equipment and was used for most salvage work during World War II. The MK V Diving Helmet was so well designed that it was used for U.S. Navy Diving with very few modifications until succeeded by the MK12 in 1980. Complete details like the breastplate, hinged face plate, side view ports, spit cock, exhaust control handle, regulating escape valve, air intake elbow and exhaust piping are exactly reproduced. The U.S. Navy Mark V Diver's Helmet expertly crafted from brass and copper and polished highly. The Diver's Helmet scaled reproduction measures 6 1/2 inches (16.5 cm) tall, inches (12.7 cm) wide.

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